Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hair Obsession

I have always had a love hate relationship with my hair. I'm also very attached to it's length, like a child with a blanket. So cutting it is no small task. I usually frett over it for days, weeks, months before cutting it beyond a simple trim, nonetheless every few years I will get a crazy, wild, hair up my butt and decide to chop it all off. Now keep in mind for me "chopping it off" means cutting 6 or 7 inches off of my waist (or beyond) length hair. It's always a tramatic, exciting and cleansing experience.

During my most recent chop session I cut off a whopping 10+", bringing my hair up to shoulder length and the shortest I think it's been since someone else was in charge of making those decisions for me (about 6 yo). I'm still trying to make up my mind as to whether I like it or not, but I am leaning more towards than away. After all, I've had a couple of friends tell me it makes me look younger already, and let's face it, that's NEVER a bad thing to here.

This cut was a bit more of an interesting experience than any I've ever had before, the stylist was REALLY something. Q was the hawaiian version of Jorge from the movie Beautyshop (as played by Kevin Bacon), he was truely rockin the mesh shirt (complete with metal stud design) and cd sized silver skull belt buckle. He looked like he was plucked directly out of a horribly cliche gay night club scene (and he was totally straight BTW). I had to physically stifle the urge to laugh when I first saw him, it was just SOOOOO totally unexpected. But since I don't hate my hair, I raise my glass to Q the eccentric, keep doing your own thing sir, conformity is overrated.