Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hawaii's Beautiful......but........

I want my mommy!!!!OK and my daddy, and my brothers and sisters too.
Today I find myself missing my family something terrible. I love Hawaii, it's so beautiful here but the company of the people that have known me my whole life is even more beautiful. I wish nothing more right this minute than to be sitting around the living room doing nothing but cuttin up on each other. I really miss that.

I miss Pablo like crazy. There are very few people in this life that will ever understand the significance of Mr. Potato Head in my life and all the little inside jokes that go along with him.
I miss Amy's calming presence and wittiness, Aaron and Bryan's brooding and thoughtfulness, and Angie's naivety. I miss sweet Hannah's laugh and fained airheadedness. I miss my mother's friendship and warmth and my daddy's big strong hugs. So yes Hawaii, you are beautiful, but your beauty pales in comparison to the one I love.