Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reflections on 9/11

I woke this morning not really thinking to much about the fact tht it was 9/11. I knew I had to remember to call my mom and stepdad to wish them a happy anniversary and reviewed my mental list of things to get done today. I fought with Lexi, yet again, about her clothes and was frustrated when her disobedience made her and Kayli late for school. After dropping them off I ran to Starbucks for my caffine fix and standing in line behind a couple of airmen I heard the lady in front of me tell the cashier that she would be paying for their beverages. She told them it was the least she could do to honor our military today. At that point I left, without ordering my coffee, and cried all the way home. Here I had spent a good portion of my morning pissed off and fustrated over something as trivial clothing and there are hundreds of people today mourning the loss of friends and family taken that day. It really made me reflect on the impact that it's had in my own life and my own feelings that day watching the events play out over the news.

The morning of the 9/11 attacks I sat cross legged on the floor in front of my TV, pregnant with Lexi, crying and so visibly shaken by what I was watching that I began to have contractions. I have never felt so scared and helpless over the situation of strangers the way I was that day. And though I used to roll my eyes when my parents and granparents would talk about how they would never forget where they were and what they were doing when this or that happened, I understand now and I never want to forget how I felt that day. I want that reminder of how even through tragedy, the human spirit can prevail, that people can still come together and rally behind the battered and the broken, and lift the needs of others above our own. For the memories that stick with me the most, are those of the heros running toward the distruction to help those under siege who could not help themselves.

So today I will pray for the souls lost, the loved ones that mourn them, and the heros that tried to save them. And when the girls get home I will apologize to Lexi for my lack of patience and tell her that I love her. God has blessed my life in so many wonderful ways and trivial things are just not worth the energy of anger and aggrevasion when all is said and done, esspecially on a day like today.