Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I just wanna job!!!

So today I woke up, my stomach all in knots over the job interview I had today. This was my first in 9 years!
In the last 7 1/2 years (since leaving my last job) I've been going to school, having babies and doing the mom & wife thing. Well now that all my kiddos are in school full time I am ready to rejoin the work force! Sounds great huh? Not really, I have been submitting application after application and finally got a call last week for an interview today. I was both excited and nervous, but fully ready to go in there and convince them I was there girl. Instead I get dragged into a mass recruiting session and told how I could be making 10K a month in just 8 months time, and it would only cost me $700 to get the process of staking my fortune started. Give me a break! I am looking for a job because I NEED money, like I have $700 just sitting in my pocket and ready to gamble on their get rich quick scheme.
It's sooooooo fustrating! I just want a job, something to help better my families situation and allow us all more opportunities. So would somebody out there please answer my cries for the perfect job? Or maybe just the decent, doesn't suck and works for my families schedule job?